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Is this a sect?

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Is this a sect? Empty Is this a sect?

Inlägg  Tutu lör aug 23, 2008 2:59 am

pastor Christer and his team is one of the happiest people that i know in christiandom. i was in a conference sponsored by the Centre 3 years ago with Peter Daniels from Australia. The church was able to draw delegates from almost 55 countries including uganda, congo,Nigeria, holland, uk, usa etc. I dont think sects relates like that with people. They were in Nigeria last year November and ministered in songs to a crowd of about 500,000. we can check u tube to confirm. The church they visited has nothing but good to say about the team even though they have never met each other. This does not sound like a sect to me.


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Is this a sect? Empty Thank you!

Inlägg  Admin lör aug 23, 2008 10:16 am

Thank you for your response!

Would you like to post your message in the swedish forum as well (you can do it in english), because I think most viewers visit that.

Tobias S


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